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Lecture: Basics of Political Theory and History of Ideas

Political Theories and the History of Ideas revolve around the basic questions of political sciences. Such questions concern e.g. conceptions of man, ideas of political order, as well as the principals and methods of the scientific area itself. Answers to these questions can be found by analyzing the self-understanding of a society or the different scientific theories. The history of ideas studies concepts of social self-understanding. Material for such an investigation lies in social discourses of the respectice era (e.g. in ideologies, religions, media, arts and other sources). The scientific theories are subject to the field of politicla theory. These theories emerge from the reflective work with the social self-understanding. Therefor, different thinkers from greek antiquity up until the present day are used as sources.

The lecture gives a broad overview to these two related areas. It's concept is based on Wolfgang Leidhold's History of Experience. The authors and concepts of interest are embedded into his theory of experience and its historical (both of ideas and cultures) development. Therefore, the lecture starts with the history of ideas of paleolithic and neolithic eras, goes on with the antiquity and middle ages, and finishes with important steps in the modern era.

The lectures about Political Theory and the History of Ideas is the centerpiece of teachings at Prof. Leidhol's chair. For further information regarding the courses at our chair, please see the respectie sections.